The region’s largest, most-awaited family entertainment and cultural event every year, Global Village the world’s leading multicultural festival is also the region’s rst family destination for culture, shopping and entertainment destination in the region, which provides a unique plat-form and the perfect forum for the countries of the world to showcase.

Their merchandise, economy, arts, crafts, tourism, heritage, culture, architecture, cuisine and unique lifestyle. Participating countries design their pavilions to suit their most distinctive culture, architecture and magnicent landmarks. Excellent facilities have been provided for the visitors well. Beside four entrances, the parking at the Global Village has been increased to 20,000 parking spaces. Dedicated routes will allow buses, mini buses and taxis easier access to the entrance of the Global Village. The ne weather, food, the mini world tour in a glance, are some of the aspects that draw visitors from across the globe to Dubai Global Village every year, and the reworks during the event, are only an icing on the cake. It is not just the grandeur of the place that leave the people awestruck, but also the world-class hospitality that they experienced here. Global Village is the rst entertainment destination to achieve 5-star grading by completion of prestigious best practice Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit by the British Safety Council. Global Village has 27 pavilions showcased the world’s most beautiful monuments and civilizations and cultures of more than 78 countries, highlighting the important feature of various countries. A walk through the DSF Global Village is like doing a whirlwind tour and experiencing the sights, sound and smells of myriad cultures all within distance. Every day it is agog with activity, with festive lights and tents around which the public mills around to have a look at the myriad handicrafts and enjoy the appetizing cuisine from around he world. Global Village 2018-2019 welcomed a record-breaking number of more than 7 million guests during its 166 days of operation in Dubai, marking a steep jump of 16 percent or more in visitor numbers, in comparison to the previous season.

Located in Dubai land on the Emirates Road, this destination can be easily accessed from all corners of the UAE through a superb road network. In addition to hosting the colorful activities that are organized by countries from the different continents of the world, the Global Village also offers a range of top quality facilities and services including provision of restaurants, shuttle transport services and a huge parking area that can accommodate thousands of vehicles. Special requirements for families are speedily and efficiently taken care of by a courteous staff at the Global Village

Every day it is agog with activity, with festive lights and tents around which the public mills around to have a look at the myriad handicrafts and enjoy the appetizing cuisine from around the world. All booths will be Ready-To-Exhibit with free electricity, carpeted and with a table and chairs, utility sockets and a telephone connection if required. With an expected total figure of visitors exceeding 7 million in 158 days this year, an investment in the Global Village is a golden opportunity for businessmen, women, investors, promoters, government institutions and traders or retailers of all kinds to participate. In addition, the Global Village continued to support smaller retailers and traders by providing compact retail areas. These locations can be used for selling anything from authentic traditional handicrafts, gemstones, custom jewellery, tea, coffee, or agricultural produce to food items


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